Mira South Sea Pearls' new IKIGAI collection is a testament to purposeful living and refined elegance. Inspired by the Japanese concept of "ikigai," each piece is imbued with a deep sense of meaning and passion. From the tranquil waters of Indonesia and Australia to the cultural richness of Japan to the enchanting charms of French Polynesia, our pearls symbolize a journey of discovery and fulfillment. Hand-picked South Sea pearls from Indonesia and Australia, known for their exceptional luster and size, add a touch of natural splendor to our collection. Hand-picked Akoya pearls from Japan convey a sense of tradition and sophistication. In addition, the mysterious black pearls from Tahitian add a touch of intrigue and allure to our creations. Crafted with the utmost care in our Zurich studio from the finest 18-karat gold, diamonds and love, each creation exudes sophistication and grace. With IKIGAI you embrace the beauty of simplicity and immerse yourself in the opulence of nature's most exquisite treasures. Let each piece resonate with your unique essence and invite yourself on a journey of timeless elegance and personal fulfillment.

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