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For over 15 years, MIRA has been supplying the global market with South Sea pearls, sourced directly from local pearl farmers in Indonesia. By eliminating middlemen, MIRA South Sea Pearls offers direct access from breeders to partners, thereby ensuring the best possible prices for our customers.

Our selection

We offer untreated South Sea pearls in loose form, single beads, paired earrings, necklaces, strands and loose packages in various specifications:

  • Size: From 8mm to 20mm, and for Keshi shapes, smaller sizes like 2mm to 6mm.
  • Shape: Baroque, Round, Half Round, Teardrop, Button, Keshi, Circle, Oval and other unique shapes.
  • Color: Available in gold, champagne, white, silver and unusual colors such as greenish and silver-blue, with unique overtones such as pink, silver, bluish, greenish and pink.
  • Luster: From high to medium.
  • Quality: We offer a wide range from top quality gemstones and collectibles to high, medium and low quality to meet all customer needs.

Quality and sustainability

We are committed to sustainable partnerships with local pearl farmers throughout Indonesia and to conserving Indonesia's natural resources.

In addition, we work closely with Akoya pearl growers in Japan and Black Tahitian pearl growers in French Polynesia, Tahiti to supply B2B loose Akoya and Black Tahitian pearls. As a sea pearl specialist, we can supply your business with small or large quantities of loose South Sea, Tahitian or Akoya pearls to meet your specific needs.

Tailored to your business needs

MIRA offers you the opportunity to source entire harvests of loose South Sea pearls directly from local pearl growers in Indonesia, with more than 4000 pieces in one harvest. We are also open to smaller quantities, such as 10 pieces and select pieces for jewelry designers or retailers.

For inquiries about purchasing loose South Sea pearls wholesale, please contact us using this contact form or write to: info@mirasouthseapearls.ch


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